October 2020

Friday Oct. 30th, 2020

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Sato Elementary School

Our mission is to provide active, relevant, educational experiences that foster globally minded innovative citizens in and out of the classroom. Our students will think creatively and take risks as they apply knowledge and skills to future endeavors.

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!!

Important Dates:


Sun. 11/1 - Daylight Saving Time, set clocks back 1 hour

Wed. 11/4 - Virtual Assembly

Fri. 11/6 - Sato Library Curbside checkout 11:00-12:00

Wed. 11/11 - Veteran's Day, Observed No School and no curbside checkout

Fri. 11/13 - No School for Students, Grading Day for Staff

Wed. 11/18 - Virtual Assembly

11/16-11/29 -Virtual Book Fair (Details below)

11/25-11/27 - Thanksgiving Break, no school

Daylight Saving

November 1st Brings Daylight Saving and here are some important tips for traveling safely this fall:

On Sunday, Nov. 1st, we lose an hour and it will be darker earlier. With shorter days this time of year, all road users should be extra alert to see each other. Here are some suggestions to help everyone stay safe on the road:

Wear bright reflective clothing when walking or rolling.

Don’t assume people driving will see you. Make eye contact before crossing in front of vehicles.

Be alert! Keep eyes and ears open, especially while crossing the street.

Cyclists should make sure to have lights and wear helmets – it is the law, and it helps people see you and keep you safe.

Driving or biking? Use extra caution and slow down in the dark and rain. Always be alert for people on foot or bike at intersections, crosswalks (marked and unmarked), bike lanes and in school zones. Do not text and drive – it’s against the law, carries steep fines and is unsafe for all road users.

Family Support and Student Independence

First of all, I want to express my appreciation for the support and care you are giving your child(ren) during on-line learning. I am aware of the challenges that this presents for parents and students. While this is not what we would hope for, I appreciate how all are making the best of the situation. Teachers are working tremendously hard, students are engaging and trying to the best of their ability and parents are giving so much. It is a remarkable time in so many ways! So proud of the Sato learning community!!

We certainly do not want children to get the point where they feel frustrated and give up, but we do want them to experience success by working through tasks on their own or with a peer. When students make meaning on their own, ask questions for understanding and see that their hard work resulted in success then they not only feel better about themselves, their learning is far more durable. If the work is too easy or we support them too much, they may get the “right answer”, but their sense of self and the quality of the learning is not as strong.

This is part of our ongoing work, whether in person or on-line. As a school we continue to explore how to do this depth of work well. We invite you into this learning with us. If you see your child struggling, here are somethings you can do to help:,

  • Ask leading questions to guide their thinking

  • Instead of asking what they don’t understanding, ask them what they do understand about the task

  • Have them step away from the task and come back to it to give their subconscious time to wrestle with the work

  • Encourage your child to see mistakes as opportunities to learn

  • Praise them for their persistence

Throughout the year, classroom teachers administer academic assessments to students in many different forms. It​'s extremely important to get accurate information so that teachers can effectively differentiate their instruction to meet students' needs.

We need your​ help. Please allow your children to work on their assessments and assignments in Seesaw, and Zoom independently​, without the help of a parent ​or tutor. It​'s okay if your children answer incorrectly​; that's part of the learning process. We expect students to engage in “productive struggles” as they learn. Teachers review where students are in the learning process and assist them in ways that allow children to grow and learn.

Of course, if children need assistance with technical challenges, that​'s a perfect time to help. You also can help support your children by practicing skills that teachers have already introduced. We’d ask that you allow your students’ teachers to give feedback and support, especially during live instruction. Please do not speak for your children or supply them with answers to share during live sessions.

Please note, that without independent evidence of students’ proficiency towards learning targets, teachers may not be able to assess your students on their report cards. Report cards would instead include a X (not assessed this semester) with a comment that there was not enough independent evidence to support a progress mark.

Your students’ progress is extremely important to us. Thank you for partnering with us and supporting your children.

(Below we have included some resources on understanding the sweet spot of the productive struggle: and article and two short videos.)

Exploring the productive struggle | Teacher Talk with Dan Finkel
What is productive struggle, and why is it important?

Sato Loves to Read

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Sato's Virtual Book Fair November 16th-29th

We are excited to host a Virtual Book Fair this year. Above is the promotional flyer and here is everything else you need to know:

  • Link to Virtual Fair is open now for students to begin building their wish lists
  • Actual purchasing begins Nov. 16th
  • This video walks you through the ordering process
  • Books will ship to the school and will be distributed during regularly scheduled check-out events.

Happy Reading Sato!!

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Cedar Mill and Bethany Libraries want to support you and your students. They are happy to share the October newsletter, full of resources. You can also subscribe here.

October's issue features:

  • What's Available Now- Browse what is currently available on our shelves!
  • Virtual Read to the Dogs program for beginning or struggling readers with DoveLewis Canine Therapy Team!
  • Distance Learning Resources in English and Spanish
  • Topical and Leveled (IRLA) booklists (Fall topics, Voting/Elections, Diwali and more!)
  • Read Alouds- Librarians reading picture books aloud on themes such as friendship, narrative nonfiction, community helpers, and more!

Math Resources for Parents

Struggling with understanding how to support your student in math and feeling confused about Math Workshop? Watch this video below created by our Math Teachers on Special Assignment at the district to help explain how math workshop is different from the way we learned math as kids.

Grades K-4 video

Parent Video Math Workshop

8 Things you can do to support your child in math

Questions about Dreambox? Click here!

Construction Update

If you haven't been to campus in awhile, you will notice big changes to our surrounding fields to the north and west of the school!!

Construction on some 117 single family homes are well under way! The subdivision is called Hosfard Farms and is being developed by Toll Brothers. BDZE has been hired by Toll Brothers to prepare the land, including all related street, sidewalks and underground improvements.

A general summary of the time line is as follows:

  • BDZE will be moving dirt and installing underground utilities through summer 2021, with site road paving mid-Summer 2021
  • The plans call for the northern section of Ridgeline will be widened a few feet to the north (date TBD, but most likely summer 2021)
  • Homebuilding will start late summer/fall 2022 – to be managed by Toll Brothers homebuilding division

For the safety of you and your family please stay off of any part of the construction site.

Please meet Allison (Alliy) Schrader

We are excited to introduce Alliy Shrader as the Social Worker supporting Sato's Behavior Health and Wellness team. Below you will find her letter of introduction. Please feel free to reach out to her as a support to your family.

Ways to Help Support Sato!!

Intel employees' volunteering program:

Intel employees can enter up to 5h/day of volunteer work spent on education of the employee's child/children as well as other children they may be instructing in the period of January 1 to December 31, 2020.

These hours should be entered into Benevit (https://intel.benevity.org) for the school that the child attends. More details can be found on internal website volunteer.intel.com (see info pages in Resources/Guidelines/What Counts as Volunteering).

Amazon's Smile program:

In order to have a donation made, it is necessary to place the purchase order through smile.amazon.com

Notice that you have to first set up the Charity Organization and select "Sato Elementary Community Organization".
Then, Amazon will make donations to SECO for all the orders made through that website.

You can Bookmark AmazonSmile to make it easier to remember it make purchases this way.

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How can we help?

Does your family need support with school supplies or additional food? Please don't hesitate to contact Laurie White our school counselor with needs that will help your student and your family be successful during these unprecedented times. All requests for assistance are confidential and we will do our best to help your family.


Check out these resources to support your learners remotely!

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