Foods Objective 5

Why we eat/What we eat

External Influences

  • Media: Can come from online, television, in print, etc.
  • Economics: Factors are influenced by supply and demand or financial reasons.
  • Environmental: Goes with economics with supply and demand.
  • Technological: Influences from online sources.

Individual Influences

  • Physiological: Gender influences or individual choices.
  • Psychological: Influences from other sources.
  • Personal: Based on your likes and dislikes. Personal taste.
  • Culture and Customs: Religion and family influences.
  • Traditions: What has been done time after time.

Healthy Food Choices

  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans:
  1. Consume enough calories
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Informed food choices
  4. Maintain balance
  • Weight Management: decrease calories, maintain nutrient intake, increase physical activity.
  • Physical Activity Needs: Should increase as age increases
  • Plate compared to Food Pyramid: Plate is determined by day, Pyramid is the overall consumption
  • Nutritional Labels: Read often to determine certain needs for your body
  • Food Groups for encouragement for specific populations:
  1. Pregnant Women: Weight gain determined by doctor
  2. Breastfeeding Women: Moderate weight loss
  3. Overweight Adults: Consult doctor
  4. Children with Chronic Diseases: Consult Doctor
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