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Your weekly chirp from C+I by Freya ~ 5/1/2016 ~ Vol 48

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Save 25% off your order.. till tonight only!

Hi everyone! I'm finally back in town from being on vacation for most of April.. So much has happened in the past month and I need to keep you up to date!

First things first.. our Friends and Family sale ENDS AT 8:59PM PST TONIGHT. This sale only happens twice a year and EVERYTHING in my boutique is included.

The promo code that you need to use on checkout is FFSPRING2016. Or you can send me an email ASAP and I will help you place your order.

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Mother's Day shipping deadlines

I think this is arguably one of the most important days of the year. Moms need to be appreciated for the amazing women that they are.. and this year, why not give her a gift that will last longer than a bouquet of roses would?

So many moms are buying presents for themselves.. which is awesome, but I really believe it would mean even more coming from YOU! :) If you have a husband or kids that need some hints and a peek into your wishlist.. just let me know and I can help!

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Sparkles for Getty Fundraiser

If you use this link to place your order, 25% of your purchase will be donated to the Getty Owl Foundation:


I am extending this fundraiser through May 15 and would love to be able to give as much as I can to this local cause.

The Getty Owl Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is helping families and fighting Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). SMA is a genetic disorder causing severe muscle weakness. The vast majority of children with SMA, like Getty, are born with weaker muscles. There is no cure or treatment for SMA. For more details, visit www.gettyowl.org

And in case you missed our capsule launch...

We added new styles to our boutique recently. If you're a fan of fine jewelry, silver, and charms.. you will love our new additions!
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new petite charms in silver!

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Minaret in Silver and Rose Quartz

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Minimalist in silver

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semi-precious necklaces for a cause

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Our first ever c+i watch!

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Traveling with C+I

I brought some of my favorite Chloe+Isabel pieces with me on my very first trip to Europe. Here are a few pictures from some of the most memorable cities that we visited.

I am so blessed to be able to travel and spend time with my family.. your support of my small business helped make it all possible. THANK YOU!

To see more pictures, friend me on Facebook and/or follow me on Instagram (@chasingsparkles and @chasingcravings)

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