Entrepreneurial Project-H&M DayCare

Michelle Brooks and Haley Alda

H&M DayCare

Mission Statement- This business was created to better prepare children for their entrance into the school system, it offers daily care of ages 3 months- 5 years. Our goal is to educate children with the proper social skills to handle the education system.

Services Provided- Daily care, feeding, educational preparations, recess and exercise, and parenting tips.

Hours of operation- Mon.-Fri.: 7 am to 8:30 pm. Saturday and Sundays CLOSED.

Demographics served- Everyone and all, scholarship and financial aid offered if qualified.

Business Feasibility- This is a good idea because families need all the help they can get, especially young families and preparing children for entrance into the education system will make it easier on the parents in the future.

Supplies and Equipment

Inventory- Nap mats, healthy snacks, recess toys, books for learning, first aid, cleaning supplies, nurse supplies, lunches.

Suppliers- parents, SAMS, Costco, and Walmart

Marketing plan

Advertising plan- Grade school brochures to parents with younger children, volunteer promotions, and high school intern program.

Marketing Slogan- "Quality Child Care... Good beginnings never end."

Special Events to get new customers- Community cookout and sports leagues.