Snow Festival-Sapporo

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Festival Sites and Snow Sculptures :

The Sapporo Snow Festival, is one of Japan's largest winter events, it attracts a lot of Australian tourists and people from all over the world.

For seven days in February, these statues and sculptures (both large and small) come together and turn Sapporo into a winter wonder world filled with snow and ice.
The Snow Festival began in 1950, when local high school students built six snow statues in the winter.

About two million people come to Sapporo to see a large number of beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures .


My Personal Favourites !

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What Make It Brilliant?

The fabulous sculptures you can't find any where else in the world.

Enjoy the sites the scenes and the beautiful atmosphere.

Quite a shame it's only once a year.

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Quotes From The Tourits:

"I wanna go back". Said the Smith Family from Perth.

"Gob smacked just spectacular". Said Harriet from Sydney

"Speechless". Said Julliet.

(all made up)

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