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May 17, 2013

Junior Olympics

When: May 9, 2013- date published; May 10, 2013

Where: Waterloo Iowa, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who: Sydney Hogan

What: Sydney Hogan will be competing at the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics National Championship on May 10. Sydney Hogan does gymnastics at the Cedar Valley Gymnastics Center, and she is the first person from her center to go to the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics National Championship. Hogan competes at Level 10, the highest level in USA Gymnastics. Hogan did a balance beam routine, her signature event, at the regionals in St. Louis, and she scored a regional-best score of 9.5; this helped her get into the nationals. Her coach says that she has a very good chance at getting in the top five for balance beam. Sydney Hogan is 16 and goes to Columbus High School (Sophomore), where she does softball and dance team.

How: I think this affects us because Sydney Hogan is one of the first from our area to make in a long time. I think people will be more aware of our gymnastics program and Waterloo, IA. I think it is even more special since she is from the CVCS schools.

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