KSTM Updates and Tech Tips

Week of 8/31/20 through 9/11/20

Dr. Rath's Corner

Huge shout out to all our Wildcat Families for being patient, flexible and positive during our tech transitions from trading in your first device and picking up your new iPad. We are so lucky to have your as our cheerleaders supporting our teachers and staff during our remote learning. If by some chance, you have not picked up your student's iPad, you still need to. Every student must obtain an OPS iPad for student learning throughout their time in OPS. Please stop by our school and we will check out the iPad.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing all of our Wildcats in class for week 3 of remote learning.

Have a great weekend!

Dr. Rath, Principal

Arriving on Time to Class

Is your student arriving on time to class? We expect all of our students to arrive on time every day to every class even in remote learning. Do you know the class schedule? See the photo below to better understand how to read a student schedule.
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Class DoJo!

Did you know your students are earning Class DoJo points in all of their classes?

Every week, we will be recognizing students from every grade level for earning DoJo points. On Fridays, we will deliver a treat bag to these students to recognize their successes. Students earn DoJo points in their classes for being:
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Safe
  • Engaged
Have you connected with your students' classes in Class DoJo to keep track of their progress? If you would like to be added to your students class in Class DoJo to see the points they earn, click the photo below to sign up for ClassDojo!

Remote Learning Technology Issues, Tips, and Updates

iPad Connectivity Issue?

If you are having connectivity issues with your newly issued OPS iPad, try troubleshooting by following the steps below:

  1. Turn on airplane mode. Wait 10 seconds and then turn airplane mode off.
  2. Be sure you have any unused browser windows closed; the iPads do not run as smoothly when there are several browser windows opened.
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Issue #1:

My student isn't being let into the class meeting. We don't see a JOIN link, or sometimes if we find the JOIN link it says the "Meeting hasn't started yet".

Background: We have discovered that it is important for the student to not click the JOIN button until the teacher has started the meeting.

Solution: Ask the student to wait until they see the purple camera icon on the Team channel before clicking the JOIN button. The picture below shows the right way to JOIN the meeting.

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Issue #2:

My student is using T-Mobile LTE on the iPad, and the connectivity seems slow or the experience in Teams is spotty.

Background: IMS is communicating consistently with T-Mobile and they are responding quickly to issues and updating services to support OPS.


  1. If your learning location has WiFi available, you can connect to WiFi to be more stable.
  2. If you need to use the LTE cellular service, gather the information below and email it to ksc-ts@ops.org.
  • - Address where student is learning (home, daycare, relative, etc.)
  • - iPAD ICCID number found on each iPad in the Settings-General-About-ICCID
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Family Support Center Location and Schedule

Attendance and participation in remote learning is extremely important. This is why OPS is providing in-person assistance for our families to meet one-on-one with technical support, nutritional services, counselors and other district staff. All visitors will be required to wear facial coverings while at the Family Support Center. We ask all staff and families to maintain distance whenever possible for the health and well-being of everyone.

The OPS Family Support Center will now be housed at Morton Middle School (4606 Terrace Dr. Omaha, NE 68134) from 8:00am-6:00pm on the following days:

  • Monday, Aug. 31
  • Tuesday, Sept. 8
  • Monday, Sept. 14
  • Monday, Sept. 21
  • Monday, Sept. 28

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Who do I contact for support in the following areas?

Attendance- Ms. Christina Johnson


Registrar- Ms. Araceli Chavez/ Enrollment, Moving or you need to update your information


5th Grade Student Support/Administrator/Data Processor- Ms. Lori Kuhns


6th Grade Student Support/Administrator- Mr. Troy Caldwell


7th Grade Student Support/Administrator- Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson


8th Grade Student Support/Administrator/Athletic Director- Mr. Dan Wilson


Social Worker- Ms. Dani Haas


Grade 5/6 Counselor- Mrs. Kim Thompson


Grade 7/8 Counselor- Mrs. Lakresha Clark


School Nurse- Mrs. Pam Anderson