Trepa Times

Week thirty

This is the last week to fill this out! PLEASE do this...we want an accurate reflection of the efforts you put in to involve parents for the State Report Card!

The attached survey is part of the Iowa School Report Card requirement, which was passed during the 2013 legislative session (Section 73 of HF 215). The teachers at all schools are being asked to complete the survey. The survey asks teachers about classroom practices for involving parents in their child’s learning. Parent involvement has been shown to be an important factor that positively influences children’s education.

The window for administration is March 22 through April 8.

Be sure to use only the link at the bottom of this page. We have seen several cases where the incorrect link is used to try to complete the survey.

A teacher who teaches in more than one building should compete one survey for the building in which they spend most of their time. If they are split between buildings 50/50, the teacher should complete a survey for each building (be sure to use the different survey url for each building).

The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Individual responses are confidential but will be aggregated into school level results which will be included in the Iowa School Report Card.

Use this link:
Paul Norton Elementary School

Cookies and Conversations

Just a reminder that our next Cookies and Conversations is April 11th @ 3:30. This was a regularly scheduled staff meeting, so it should already be on your calendar!

Tune-Up Tuesday

This week's tune-up Tuesday are gym procedures (morning procedures).

Sign-Up Opportunity

You will notice there is a sign-up on the workroom door for a PTA fundraiser in May. They need volunteers to help at McDonald's the night of the fundraiser. I believe all of the elementary schools have participated in this event earlier in the year. We don't have to cook or work the registers. We simply hand out food! The other elementary schools raised A LOT of money AND had a TON of fun! See you there!

Duty Schedule

Gym: Hayward/Bankson

Bus: Paul

Pick Up: Milburn

Crow Creek: Sommer/Farnsworth

Julie's Schedule


8:45 Teacher post-observation

12:00 Recess Duty

3:30 Speech IEP


7:45 Professional Conversation/Coaching

1:30 Admin. mtg.


8:00 Speech IEP

9:00 Teacher Interview

1:00 PD/PLC mtg.


8:00 Teacher Interview

12:30 Coaches' mtg.

3:30 PBIS mtg.


Young Writer's Day

7:45 Professional Conversation/Coaching

1:30 Elementary Principal's mtg.

Trivia Night!!!