Alexander Graham Bell

By: Makenzie Rosol


Alexander Graham Bell was a inventor, engineer, scientist, and innovator who created the first telephone at 29 years old. Alexander was born March 3rd, 1847 and died at age 75 on August 2nd, 1922. In his life he married and had 4 children. Awards he won throughout his lifetime were the Elliott Cresson medal, IEEE Edison medal, Hughes medal, and the John Fritz medal.

His Inventions/ Business

Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone, which was his biggest and main invention. He had 18 patents in his name alone and 12 he shared with collaborators. He also invented the Twisted Pair and the Graphaphone.

Why was his invention in the top 10?

Alexander Graham Bell's invention the telephone was one of the top ten inventions because of its way of communication at long distances. Also it is one of the top ten inventions because by the 1900's, over 1 million were in the U.S.