what is LSC?

It is The First languages club at Cairo University which aims to enhance the student`s skills by giving them the opportunity to learn new languages that will help them enlarge their culture, qualify them and help them develop their future career through workshops.

LSC stands for "L" Languages "S" Speakers "C" Community reflexes our Vision to make a Community full of languages speakers.

LSC is a non-profit organization that is running by volunteers with the help and support from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University

Please Note That We are recruiting twice a year for different purposes,

The first time called the Members Recruitment and that’s for the ones who want to participate in making the deals, preparations, trainings and finally the workshops we offer.

The second time called the Delegates Recruitment and that's for those who want to participate in the workshops we offer directly.

LSC Cairo University is recruiting now MEMBERS for the following:

This Volunteer Opportunity is divided into two main Sections (the organizing section and the Academic section)

The first one is " the organizing section "


• University Student
• Good communication skills
• Hard working person
• Having the passion for CHALLENGES
• Having the Passion for CHANGE
• Having always the DESIRE to benefit others

If you are so, you have to catch this one

1. Human Resources team
• Responsible for the researches and development
• Giving the soft skills training
• Making the evaluation charts and reports for each team and member
• Making the General meetings and outings schedule

2. Coordination, Reception& logistics team
• Representing us in all our booths and events.
• Coordinating the events' halls.
• Decorating our booths and events' halls.
• Organizing the participants during the events.
• Making the catering deals
• Booking the rooms and halls for each event

3. Public Relations team
• Responsible for the Media coverage sponsors
• Organizing the off and on campus events and campaigns marketing
• Coordination with other NGOs and activities
• Social media tools

4. Fund Raising team
• Responsible for the Main Sponsors
• Making the feasibility studies
• Budgeting and finance

5. Multimedia, IT and Camera team
• Responsible for the media documentation ( Photos and Videos)
• Events Designs & Videos
• Designing for the projects events (Brochures, Flyers, banners, etc…

The second one is "the Academic section"

The Instructors who prepare the material and teach it to the participants


• Graduated or Still a student of a language faculty
• Has a (good to excellent) command of a certain language
• Ability to learn in self learning groups
• Good presentation Skills
• Hard working person
• Having the passion for CHALLENGES
• Having the Passion for change
• Having always the desire to benefit others
• Good team worker

If you are so, you have to catch this one

The Available Languages are

• English Language Club
• French Language Club
• German Language Club
• Spanish Language Club
• Italian Language Club
• Russian Language Club
• Chinese Language Club
• Japanese Language Club
• Korean Language Club
• Persian language Club
• Hebrew Language Club
• Turkish Language Club

if you..

For those who are dreaming of Impacting, changing and developing Egypt

For those who are not only dreaming but also acting and doing to achieve the maximum impact

For those who are seeking to make a real huge impact in all Egypt's Universities, Faculties, and Majors…

For those who believe in continuing learning and sharing their knowledge

For those who want to participate on gathering the bigger picture of HOPE and make it clearer for all of us

It's time to be the spark of change
It's time to join a New Brand professional initiative Student activity in Cairo University designed and running by students

Join us ;)