Monday Memo

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Congratulations to our 4 Educator Grant Winners!

Chris Coats ~ Warrior PALooza $2,500

Robyn Delahunt~ Incentive Store $1,000

Christine Miller ~ Thread Lessons $1,500

Ron Planks ~ ETHOS Ethnic Teens Honoring and Owning Success $1,481

We are PROUD of you and excited to watch your programs grow and benefit our students and community!

1% Raise in December

On your December 20th pay check, you will receive a 1% raise of your base pay midpoint salary. This means that any stipends or extra duty pay you receive are not calculated into the 1%. This also means that the calculation is based on the midpoint (Control) of the range of salary that is attached to your paygrade. Teachers with a Bachelors Degree are on the 820 grade, and those with a Masters Degree are on an 830 scale. I am including the link to the Compensation Plan for your calculation of expected $. The formula is the midpoint (Control) daily rate x 189 days x 1%. I have included a picture below for an estimate daily rate. New hires for this year are not eligible for the raise and will have no change in the December check. For questions, please contact Noel McBee.

Reminders from Ms. Theodore:

1. 2nd semester failures must be entered in Google Docs by 4:00pm on 11/18 – Student Success Initiative

2. Teacher of the Year nominations will be tallied today (11/18/13)

3. Updating gradebooks; November 26th is the 3 week check point for eligibility. Students are counting on teachers to have grades in by 4:30 when the report in generated.

4. Field Trip Requests for Spring 2014; due 11/26/13 – forms are on the share drive (Share drive, Williams, Field Trip)

Help! I have student with a medical emergency!

When you call the front office, be prepared to give the following information for emergency response to a student or staff member:

Specific location

Name of student/staff member

Description of situation/urgency

Ex: “We need the Nurse immediately, Jane Doe fell and hit her head and is not responding”

You may call 911 before calling the front office. You will be asked whether or not 911 has been called.

Way to Go, Warriors!

Our students received a Superior rating in Saturday's UIL One Act Play competition and several individual awards - AWESOME! They put on a phenomenal show! Congrats to Andrea Johnson and Lance Barasch for coaching our kiddos so well!