5 Apps for Mobile Learning

great apps to use in K-12 classrooms

App 1: Socrative

Socrative is a mobile app that students can use to complete assignments via any internet-connected device. For example, students in a Grade 6 English classroom could use Socrative to complete quizzes at home that line up with each lesson's reading assignment.

App 2: Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great app that allows students to answer questions in real time, using a mobile device. In a Grade 10 math class, students can use Poll Everywhere to submit their answers for example questions; Poll Everywhere will allow students to have a voice, even if they are generally too shy to speak during class discussion.

App 3: Shmuppet

Shmuppet is a free app available in the iTunes store, that allows users to create and share custom interactions between virtual "puppets," which can then be shared amongst users via Twitter, email, and more. A grade 5 history class could use Shmuppet to visualize the conversations and discussions between historical actors.

App 4: StoryKit

StoryKit is a mobile app that allows users to create their own virtual storybooks, using both images and text. High School ESL students could use StoryKit to express ideas in English that they would previously struggle with.

App 5: Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an application that provides students with a wide variety of journal prompts. A grade 4 Language Arts class could each use Journal Jar to pick a journal topic of their own choosing. This will provide multiple means of expression for students with varying interests.