Rob Gronkowski

By: Destin Countryman


He was one of the best in collage. He said "he was suppose to be on of the best, but now he was facing the possibility of the end of his career." He had to face back surgery, even if that went well if the nerves did heal correctly he could never play football again. He could of finished his last year or test his luck in the draft.

Knee Injury

In his 3rd year of playing professional football T.J. Ward hit him in his knee causing him to tear his ACL and MCL and was out for the rest of the season. T.J Ward is now playing for the Denver broncos . Bill Belichick kept his knee injury a priority Gronkowski is one of the best players for the Patriots.
Rob Gronkowski highlights (2014 season)
He said "When you become injured it gives you a greater appreciation for the sport."

Since then he has broken record's. One record he broke was the Tight End yardage mark. He said "He wanted to be the craziest person in the NFL."