Ocean Life

Family newsletter

3rd Grade Ocean Life Unit

Hello Families!

I am sending out this newsletter to let you know what your children will be working on in the next week March 11- 15. Throughout the year I will be sending out weekly newsletters to let you know what we will be doing in class. This week we will be learning about some things that are found in the ocean. If anyone has stories or objects from trips please feel free to bring them in and share with the children. Our focus during this unit will be on ocean life. We won't be able to talk about all living things found in the Ocean, but I found some subjects that will hopefully spark the children's interests!

Science Lessons

Here is a timeline of all the lessons the we will be doing this week:

  1. Monday we will be learning about animals and plants that are found in the ocean and doing a sorting activity on the smart board.
  2. Tuesday we will be measuring a blue whale that the children will make.
  3. Wednesday the children will be researching an ocean animal and producing a food web.
  4. Thursday the children will be doing an investigation on coral and sponges to see if they can tell the difference between the two, and will also be asked how they figured it out.
  5. Friday the children will be making a class book from things they learned this past week and from the book Coral Reefs by Jason Chin, which we will be reading today. The book will be placed in the classroom for the remainder of the year, so you are welcome to come take a look!

Classroom Help

If you would want to come in and help with any of the lessons, or just want to come in and join the fun, science is at two o'clock everyday this week. Some weeks it may be different, but I will be sure to say in the newsletter every week when Science will be. If you would want to show or teach something to the children let me know and we can work something out!