Sincear Joan Dornan

my daughter <3

Blog entry 1.

My husband is Jamie Dornan. We were high school sweethearts in the year of 08'. We found out about this pregnancy from a daily check up and requested a pregnancy test. My pregnancy was probably one of the worst thing i've ever been through, i threw up more than I have in my whole 25 years of living. I went into labor while we were at tutti frutti on on tutti frutti fridays. I was in labor for 10 hours straight. I really thought I was going to die. The baby was born at 2:14am on Saturday morning. After everything I went through holding Sincear was probably the best things i've done in a long time. I have never felt this before and I cannot wait to do it again.

Blog entry 2.

  • First day and night: Today was my very first day with my baby . Sincear cried but it was only once and iam sure it was because she was hungry. Its been only one day and I know she's a sleeper. She has been sleep most of the day! My husband has the whole week off so he's been helping with her too! She only wants our attention she really cannot live without it. She needed to be fed at least 2 times in the morning 2 in the evening and 2 times at night.
  • Our sleeping debate: I don't think that Sincear should sleep in our bed. It is many dangers that may happen to her and I will not risk any of them! Jamie could mistankly roll over her,he's good for that! My husband is just scared of her being alone in her own room. We both know that we are right, so once it came time for Sincear to go to sleep we both realized it was only safe for her crib to be next to us and she could sleep in it. It'll be easier for the both of us.

Blog entry 3.

I was officially scared my baby had some type of disease! Her skin was dry,itchy and really red! I asked my husband to bring her to the pediatrician because I have been trying to get back into my work from home and it has began to overwhelm me. Jamie said that Sincear has a rare case of atopic dermatitis. I had no idea what that meant until he told me it's just eczema. The doctor said it would only last a couple of months and she could outgrow it at any time! Since the doctor was sure she would outgrow this he told us not to worry. All we really needed to do is make sure we were moisturizing, bathing her everyday,and make sure she isn’t scratching herself. As a parent I felt sad that Sincear had to go through this irritation at such a young age!

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Blog entry 4.

Newborn care and safety is a big problem. The issue would be the vomiting of a newborn. spitting up is common in healthy babies. About half of all babies experience gastroesophageal reflux, also called infant reflux, during their first three months. Normally, a valve between the esophagus and the stomach keeps stomach contents where they belong. Until this valve has time to mature, spitting up might be an issue especially if your baby eats too much. Spitting up is the easy flow of a baby's stomach contents through his or her mouth, like a burp.Normal spitting up doesn't interfere with a baby's well-being. My concern is if the spitting up happens more than too much do you need to take your baby to the doctor because then it doesn't seem normal to you. They say as long as your baby seems comfortable and is eating well and gaining weight there's little cause for concern. Spitting up tends to peak at age 4 months, and most babies stop spitting up by age 12 months.

Blog entry 5.

I had two main emotions on carrying this flour baby. One would be that i'm not even close to ready to having a baby because I always left her with a friend or my mother, and the motion was tiring. I was so tired of carrying the baby around. Others people's reaction to me carrying around the baby was that they were all in amazement that I was actually carrying it around all day and holding on to it. I liked that we had to see how it was like carrying a baby all day. The least thing was that I would have liked to experience the crying babies instead. The hardest part of this project was to keep track of where my baby was and who was taking care of it when I wasn’t.