Sixth Grade Newsletter

January 11 - January 15, 2016

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Important Dates!

January 18th - Holiday - NO School

January 19th - Workday

January 20th - Workday

January 25th - Report Cards

February 3rd - Field Trip - Class Productions for Students - Freedom Train

February 9th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

February 15th - Workday

March 8th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

March 23rd - Field trip—Catawba Science Center

March 25th - Workday

March 28th - Holiday - NO SCHOOL

March 29th - Annual Leave

March 30th - Annual Leave

March 31st - Annual Leave

April 1st - Annual Leave

April 8th - Spring Pictures

April 12th - PDQ Night - 5:00-9:00

April 14th - TLIM - Leadership Day

May 6th - Workday

May 10th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

May 30th - Holiday - NO SCHOOL

June 1st - EOG Testing

June 1st - BLT Mtg

June 2nd - EOG Testing

June 8th - Faculty Mtg

June 9th - TA Mtg 7:30 am

June 9th - Last Day for Students

June 10th - Workday

June 13th - Workday

June 14th - Report Cards

Cold Weather and Recess!

Parents please note that 6th grade will be going outside during the winter if the temperature is above 32 degrees. This means that students will need to bring their jackets, hats, gloves and scarves everyday with them. Students should also be dressing appropriately for winter. Unfortunately the 6th grade rooms are not very predictable with the temperature. One day it may be very cold and the next day extremely warm. Layers are the best options at this time.

Inclement Weather Information!


Follow these suggestions:

1. Connect messages will be sent to your primary phone number.

2. Watch T.V., listen to the radio and/or check the Catawba County web page:


3. Announcements will be made in late evening or early morning.

4. Delayed openings are used when warmer weather is predicted.

5. No announcement means school as usual.

6. The school will follow the instructions provided by parents on the inclement weather sheet for your child’s transportation.

THERE WILL BE NO AFTER-SCHOOL CARE ON DAYS WHEN SCHOOL IS DISMISSED FOR BAD WEATHER. If the school has not received special instructions from you, the child will be dismissed as usual (car or bus). We do not have phone lines to support individual calls so parents must make plans other than to be called. If your plans change during the year, please let the homeroom teacher know as soon as possible.

New Twitter Account

Blackburn will start using our new twitter account to post important information. Please follow us on:


New Homework Policy Starting January 21, 2016

Blackburn Elementary School

Sixth Grade New Homework Policy

We are half way through sixth grade, part of our job is to prepare and transition students to the middle school. As a result, we have collaborated to create a consistent policy concerning homework.

This policy does not apply to special projects that may be assigned by teachers in any given class. If a project is assigned a note requiring a parent signature will be sent home.

  1. This policy starts over every nine week grading period.
  2. Each student will have the following number of homework passes to use during a nine week grading period:
    • 3 passes for math class
    • 3 passes for language arts class
    • 1 passes for content area classes (i.e.: science and social studies)
  3. In order to use a homework pass, the work assigned must be completed and turned in the next day. After that the assignment will be counted as a zero. A homework pass is not a “free pass” from doing the work. The pass simply allows the student to turn the work late and still get credit. For google classroom assignments the homework pass must be submitted to the teacher with the assignment written on the homework pass. Again the homework pass is due the next day or the assignment will remain a zero.
  4. A student may use one homework pass per assignment. For example the student may not use more than one homework pass on clipboard math for the week. They cannot use 2 homework passes to extend their turn in day for 2 days.
  5. If a student uses all homework passes in a nine week grading period, all late work after that is counted as a zero.
  6. If, at the end of the nine week grading period, a student has no zeros on homework and still has unused homework passes, that student may turn those passes in for a for extra credit.
  7. Please be aware that if a student loses a homework pass, no replacements will be given out. Students should take great care in ensuring that passes are secure at all times.
  8. Students will have one make-up day for each consecutive day they are absent. Students must make up all work missed if they are to receive credit. (example: two consecutive days absent=two days to make up the work). Homework passes do not need to be used to turn this work in.
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