Kindergarten News

November 3, 2017

Conversation Starters

What are your five senses? How do the five senses help you?

What do writers include in their stories?

Writers Workshop

As Writers, we can write all the sounds we hear in words.

Readers Workshop

As Readers, we can use pointer power to read words.

We are Super Readers! Check us out in our Superhero attire!

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Shared Reading

We can use the pictures and the first letter/initial sound to help us discover unknown words.
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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians, we can name, recognize and write numerals 11-20.
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Social Scientists

As Scientists, we can use our senses to investigate the world around us.
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Reading Celebration

We joined with the other kindergarten classes to celebrate that we are readers. After sharing some special reading time in the mini theater, we paraded around the school.
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Dr. Mills, who works closely with the DFES staff, recently videoed our math lesson. It was cool to see ourselves on the Smartboard!

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Family Fun

We welcome all of our kindergarten friends and families to send in pictures of family fun. We will have your child share his/her pictures with our classmates on the SmartBoard. Sometimes, we might include the pictures in our weekly Smore newsletter.
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