Kindergarten News

September 19-23

100% Reading Logs were turned in today! Keep up the good work, the only way to become a better reader is to READ!!

Hat Day

Thank you for your participation in Hat Day. The kids had a great time, looked adorable and raised a lot of money to help support Harvey, the hawk we adopted at the World Bird Sanctuary.
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Slsbeel, Sritan and Olivia know all of their first quarter sight words! We are working hard to become readers!

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This Week's Learning

We are continuing our unit on nursery rhymes and colors.

Vocabulary: author, illustrator

Sight Words: in, my


Qq, Aa, Ii, Oo

/kw/, /a/, /i/, /o/

Segmemting and blending multiple syllable words



We have mastered our Eagle Eye reading strategy and we are now working on our Lips the Fish strategy. Lips the Fish helps us get our mouths ready to make the first sound. When you are reading with your kiddos at home, remind them to point to the first letter in each word. This helps them track the words and be more aware of that first sound. The kids did great in their reading groups last week. They have the routine of working in groups so this week they will be in true reading groups working at their own level! Also, remember to be looking for the decodable book coming home each week. This is a book they should be able to work through themselves and is GREAT practice. Enjoy listening to your kiddos become readers!

Writing: We will be focusing on picking a topic this week. We will explore the different things we can write about and create a chart together as a class. We have been learning about character and setting in our units of study and we will be incorporating theminto our writing. We will be adding details to our pictures so our readers know more about our characters and setting.

Math: We tested on Topic 2 on Friday and will start Topic 3: Numbers Six to Ten this week. We will not only recognize, count and write quantities, but our math program does a great job helping the kids see that six is 5 and 1 more, seven is 5 and 2 more etc. We use a lot of 5 frames and ten frames in our lessons.