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September 9, 2015

PrinciPAW's Post

Our Shreve Island PTA does so much to support the students and teachers. Please consider supporting our PTA in one or more of the following ways:

1. Become a PTA member.

2. Participate in the fall fundraiser. You can find a link to a video about the fundraiser below, the website, our Facebook page, and on Twitter.

3. September 28th is Spirit Night at Twisted Root. Mention you are from Shreve Island and 20% of the profits go to Shreve Island.

-- Glen Colvin

Calendar of Events

September 9th -- Counselors' Breakfast at 7:30 AM in the library

September 9th -- Progress Reports Go Home

September 10th -- Girl Scout Meeting at 6:00 PM

September 22nd -- Picture Day (students MUST wear uniforms)

September 25th -- PTA Meeting at 8:00 AM


October 1st -- 2nd Grade Music Program

PTA Fundraiser

The PTA begins its fall fundraiser today! Sell popcorn and cookie dough, while raising money for Shreve Island! The money from this fundraiser will provide learning materials for students, professional development for teachers, and upgrades throughout the school. Please support our Shreve Island family by participating! Learn more about it by watching this video.

Sign-up for PTA text updates

Our PTA will be using Class Messenger to send reminders and PTA information to families of Shreve Island. PTA wants ALL of Shreve Island families involved, so please follow the instructions below to sign-up or learn how by watching the video below.

1. Download the Class Messenger app on a tablet or smartphone or go to

2. If using the app, create an account and then click "Join Class." If using the computer, click "join."

3. Next to Class, type "Shreve Island PTA" or type the class code 6XG9SH.

4. Type your name and under "Role" choose "Parent."

5. Choose text and/or email notifications. If you choose text notifications turn push notifications on.

6. Click Submit.

Signing up for Class Messenger

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