Boletín de Noticias


2-6 diciembre 2013

Brought to you by Profesora Dordoni....for now:)

We are really excited to be using our Chromebooks for sooooo many different things in class. Ask your scholars what they've been doing so far! This is our first weekly newsletter where we can keep you informed about our student of the week, what we are learning, upcoming project dates and homework. I will send these out for the next few weeks and beginning the week of 16 diciembre 2013, they will be created by our scholars. Please click on this link for the newsletter requirements and schedule.

ESTUDIANTE DE LA SEMANA (18-22 noviembre): Margarita Lahey (Periodo 8A)

Lo que hago bien: Juego bien del fútbol.

Lo que más me gusta de nuestra escuela: amigos

Mi comida favorita: Pasta

ESTUDIANTE DE LA SEMANA (2-6 diciembre): Melani Soupios (Periodo 8B)

Una persona que admiro: Mi padre y mamá

Lo que más me gusta de nuestra escuela: Música clase

Mi deseo: Quisiera ser arquiteca

Entrevistas (Interviews): Día de los Muertos

6th grade scholars have been using their Chromebooks in class to research their project people en español and gather information in the target language: Spanish. They are learning how to read dates (including years...saying those long numbers is a challenge!) and how to recognize and understand the various professions that we encounter. We are using cognates as a comprehension strategy because when we see the word agricultor, we know it looks like "agriculture" and so we make a safe assumption that an agricultor is a farmer. When we crosscheck the word in, our assumption is confirmed.

What's next...

1. After we filled out our research information and the interview questions in our Google Doc, some of us have been able to start practicing for our real interviews where we will ask and answer questions about what we learned about our project people.

2. Los mapas de los países hispanohablantes: We are adding maps to our notebooks and we labeled 22 Spanish-speaking country including los Estados Unidos and one country in Africa whose official language es español. LABELED MAPS COUNT AS A QUIZ GRADE.


lunes, 2 diciembre (clases B)/ martes, 3 diciembre (clases A): No tarea.

miércoles, 4 diciembre (clases B)/jueves, 5 diciembre (clases A): 2 ¿De dónde es? Worksheets (América del Sur y América Central)

viernes, 4 diciembre (clases B): POR FAVOR, make sure ALL information about your project person is filled in in the 1st chart of your Google Entrevistas document.

Practice your interview questions and responses at home using your rubric.


1. What is her/his name?(What does she/he call herself/himself?)

2. From where is he/she?

3. When is her/his birthday?

4. How many years does she/he have? (How old is she/he?)

5. What is his/her profession/occupation?