To help your self in future

by Danella

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Do you want to be a better speaker? Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to be good at college? Then Speech will be the best way to make all these changes in your life!

The Speech class, if you want to get better in your future classes you could join to Speech class. You still need to be in the 7-12th grade and pay $40.00 though. The Speech's students meet with the group once a month, at time 3:45-4:45. You can come when ever you have time.

The students meet at room 214H at West Fargo High School. Speech is important because it's can helps you to not be embarrassed when you talk to people. People should join Speech because they will learn a lot of skills in your future classes , or like how Ms.Breen said, "Speech also helps develop your skills as a writer."

So if you are interested and like this class you could go to room 106G and talk with Ms.Breen about it.

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