Where She Went

Gayle Forman


Adam has never been the same after the accident. Mia had left Adam a few months after her awaking, and it killed Adam. He had so many questions, yet no one would give him the answers he wanted. Well, that was also 3 years ago. He had moved on, well sorta, the band was rising and their latest album 'Collateral Damage' was getting hit after hit. He also met his current girlfriend Bryn Shraeder, who turns out to be jealous of a "ghost" named Mia Hall. The band are currently staying in New York before they leave for London to start their European Tour. Wait a minute, New York is the same place where Mia is perusing her dream. After realizing that he might just have his opportunity to get his answers after being drawn back towards her, he might just get his answers, and a little tour of New York City.
Where She Went by Gayle Forman book trailer (video)



Where she went takes place in the busy city of New York, New York. There is no actual place where Adam and Mia stay together. They visit some of the most unknown places in the city, and a couple of well known places. One of the most well known place that they visit is The Statue Of Liberty. They also visit the subway stations, much to Adam's enjoyment, which mostly everyone "wants" to visit when they come to NYC.

About the Author

Gayle Forman is a New York Best Selling Author thanks to her most famous book called, "if i stay." She was born in 1970 in Los Angeles, but currently lives in New York City. She used to be a journalist for a fashion magazine; Seventeen, which was her first job. She says that when she first learned her letters, she just began writing. Boredom is one of the reasons why she became an author, she just got bored and decided to write random stories to keep her busy.

Fun Fact: She bombed her SATs


My Demons - Starset (lyrics)
I choose "My Demons" by Starset as a song that describes Adam. He faces Demons everyday and he really does need saving if he does become his demons.
WWE NXT: "Sky's the Limit" ► Sasha Banks 5th Theme Song
For my last piece of music, I choose one of my favorite WWE NXT Diva. Her theme is quite inspirational for anyone, including Mia. Mia has that spunk in her, that gives off inspiration to others who had gone through what Mia had 3 years ago. This is also for anyone else in the book "if i stay" and "where she went." Just remember that sky's the limit (see what I did there, no, okay. I'll stop writing/talking now.)

Book Reviews

"Author Gayle Forman has once again delivered an exceptionally written story filled with the raw and staggering emotions that accompany loss. Adam's confusion, emptiness and helplessness just seep off the page and attach themselves to the reader, making his pain their own."


"Forman follows up her bestselling If I Stay with a story that is equally if not more powerful."

~Publishers Weekly

"I couldn't put it down!!!! This is a great book and I had all my questions answered! I've very happy with how the Adam & Mia story played out & I read this literally in a day I could not put it down."