PK3.3 - News

6th - 10th June 2016

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It is hard to believe that this is our last newsletter. Our time together in PK3 is almost at an end and many of our students will be leaving for new adventures in new countries. To Eric, Sofia, Paula, Luciana Y and Paula, we wish you well!

It has been a joy to be part of your children's lives this year. Discovering and making new friends and learning through exploration and play. Thank you so much for sharing them with me, and trusting them in my care! I have enjoyed watching them grown, learn, and develop into capable, communicative children! Their stories, their smiles, their thousand questions about this wonderful world! I feel very fortunate to have had such a wonderful group of children.

It has been a pleasure getting to know not only your child, but you as well. Having parental support and open lines of communication is an essential part of any successful school year. Thank you for all you have done to make our year so fulfilling and memorable.

Together we have covered a lot of material and participated in many fun and exciting activities. We started to develop essential skills needed for PK4. As your child moves from PK3 to PK4, there are some very important things you can do to help them succeed:

  • Engage in meaningful conversations with your child everyday.
  • Take time (if only a few minutes a day) to really listen to what they have to say.
  • Read to and listen to your child read. Ask questions, make predictions, make life to text connections as you read.
  • Encourage your child to draw often! Drawing is a complete exercise for your child’s development. Drawing makes your child a good communicator of what they are thinking and what they want to say about it.

These little things will lead to big successes next year.

Again, thank you for a wonderful year. I wish you all a fantastic summer!

Always learning through play,

Ms Jeanette x

Happy Birthday Paula!

Our last birthday of the year. Wishing you a Happy 4th Birthday Paula !

Sports Day

Armed with sun hats, sunscreen, water and lots of energy, we headed to the new sports field on Friday for some fun in the sun (even though it was cloudy!) Ms Sharon had set up some great challenge stations for the children to participate in:

  • Frisby games

  • Bowling

  • Hoola Hoops and Ball Catch Fun

  • Stilt walking

  • Soccer Match

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In small groups this week we have been:

  • building. Lots and lots of building!
  • number bowling.
  • playdough snipping!
  • rolling, dabbing and stamping.


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Have your children practice for Monday's show!

BINGO | Super Simple Songs

Dress code for next week:

We are almost there! Next week see's a change in regular uniform. Details below for dress code each day.

  • Monday- costumes for end of year show (refer to previous emails)

  • Tuesday- dress down - come wearing your regular clothes

  • Wednesday-Dress up to dress down. Dress to impress and come in your finest to celebrate our last day of school.

ISP English Summer Camp

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Last day of school

Wednesday, June 15th, 7:15am-12pm

International School Of Panama, Panama City, Panama

Panama City, Panama

If you are leaving before this date please notify us so we can send all belongings home beforehand. Thank you.