The Giver Community and Ours

The Giver community and Our Community wants the difference??

The Giver Society is different and the same, in many ways.

In the Giver they don't have feelings, see color, have weather, and see animals. The government wanted to make a Utopia but to take away unhappiness, you must take away good memories and happiness, and more than that.

Why did they do this? No animals or color, the weather and animals can bring danger but also joy. So now both are gone..... now color and feelings both can lead into arguments. We keep these things because no feelings means no freedom of speech which is a right! Also being ourselves and seeing color which is and aspect of creativity and uniqueness. Would you want that gone?

Utopia or Dystopia

In the Giver community there is something called release. Which would actually be committing a crime in the U.S. It is where they stick a needle in their head and kills them. They do this to the old and babies that are sick. Release and death are two different things. In the the U.S we let people live a full life, and in the Giver community they do release. The author wanted the citizens not to know about death because it is very very very awful and sad. Notice how taking away sadness also means taking away joy because they don't feel real love that's why real parents don't exist there.

In the Giver community there is no love so nobody sad, but nobody is happy either. But taking away love is way to big!!!!!!! To take away love means to take away family, then takes away feelings, next pets and animals, and on and on. In the U.S we keep these things because we believe it is something we need as humans. Big difference right, no love. Also you can only have two children which means even more release, sad, very sad.

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But How????????

The Giver community is a Utopia, yeah not what you thought. Well one there is no war, just peace. Nobody ever argues or gets into fights. People don't feel sad or suffer from grief or loneliness.

But what makes it a Dystopia? No color, so no art or personality. Also feelings, they took away that also, so I guess no more opinion or decisions or doing what you want. No loving or having fun. Now no animals, no mans (or woman) best friend. We learned so much from animals and also they gave us food. No weather! all memories of snow and fun in the rain. Just gone! They took away memories. But in the U.S we have all that but there are fights and war and cruelty. But we have all the good things also.

What makes the Giver Community a Utopia

What makes the U.S a Utopia