How to make up sessions? Other ways to attend?

Language Coaching Session Reminder

Remember that you are responsible for your own attendance at coaching, and it is 20% of your grade!

You must make up ANY and ALL missed coaching sessions as soon as possible.
Japanese 1 Coaching Schedule-Spring 2017

Please click here to view the coaching schedule. See if there is a time/day that works for you on the schedule, perhaps with another coach. Let that coach know (when you first arrive to the session) that you're there making up a session.


Click to read about the 2 different methods of making up your coaching session that you missed. REMEMBER: You MUST make up ALL and ANY MISSED coaching session(s) as soon as possible.

Other Ways to attend Language Coaching Sessions besides using the computer:

1. BB Student App for Coaching!! --FREE

If you have a smartphone, or ipad, you can download the BB Student App for free to do your coaching sessions! This is the NEXT best thing to attending your coaching sessions (first being the computer).

  • Once you download the app, you'll need the coach's Guest URL Link to use the app.
  • As soon as you get the guest URL link in text form on your phone, you click it and it will start the process to login for the coaching session.
  • It will ask for the guest name, please put your first AND last name so your coach will know who to give credit too.
  • Click to login completely, then you should be in the session.

***You will need your coach's URL link to use the app so please click below for that.

2. Call in to coaching on the phone

You can call in to coaching if your microphone doesn't work on your computer, you can call in to participate while being on the computer to view the eboard!

If you call in, make sure your phone is on mute so you are not making a lot of noise in the coaching room. Un-mute your phone to talk and participate!

*If your computer is not working, and you don't have a smartphone or iPad, please use your phone to attend coaching sessions as well.