Crazy For Kindergarten

Mrs. Bolon's Class Newsletter 4/4/16-4/8/16

Our Week in Pictures

This Week in ELA...

Theme: Seasons and Weather

Comprehension Focus:

  • Main Idea and Details
  • Locating Text Evidence
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Ask & Answer Questions
  • Retelling Stories

Popcorn Words:

  • four
  • saw
  • good

WRITING: Opinions

Opinion Writing:

  • Opinions are personal thoughts or feelings.
  • Opinion writing uses opinion sentence starters. (I think... My favorite... I believe...)
  • Opinions are supported with details. (Example: I like strawberries because they are red, sweet and juicy.)

This Week in Math...

  • Story Problems
  • Addition to five, Addition to ten
  • Subtraction from five, Subtraction from ten
  • Mindful Math: Party Time: A Complicated Addition Growing Pattern

Next Week:

  • Monday: Day 3
  • Tuesday: Day 4; LMC Books
  • Wednesday: Day 5
  • Thursday: Day 1;Popcorn Journals
  • Friday: Day 2

Upcoming Events:

April 21st: Leadership Day & Student Showcase

  • Leadership Day: We are getting excited for Kipling's First Leadership Day! We will be welcoming local leaders and administrators and teachers from near and far to show off the amazing transformations and leadership that have taken place this year at Kipling School. The students are really looking forward to this special day.

  • Student Showcase: We are equally as pumped for Student Showcase Night. Our school will be open from 5:30-7:30 PM to students and parents. During this special evening, your child has the opportunity to share his/her progress and work samples from this year, show you around our classroom and even take you to visit special classes. Don't miss this exciting evening!