Presidential Race 2012

Mitt Romney Vs. Barack Obama

Issues that Obama and Romney are faced with

Gay rights

Foreign Policy


The Defecit



Gun controls







Federal Reserve

Finacial regulation

Teachers unions

Green energy

Global Warming

Solar power

Renewable Energy

Social security

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Obama and Biden

2012 race

Obama is the current president at this time. He is re-running for his spot as president and his Vice President is Joe Biden and they both represent the Democrat party.

Who will win?

I think that since the polls are so close that it is to hard to know and choose who will win. At this point it just boils down to who motivates people to want to get up and go vote for them and the issues that they stand for. If I had to choose I would choose Romney because he is ahead right now and also I think it is time for a fresh start with a new president because, Obama had the last four years to change as much as he could. Personally, I think that his time in the white House is up.