Chrissa Stands Strong ;)

This movie is about a girl named Chrisssa and she had to move schools because chrissa mom is a nurse so she had to move houses to and she lived with her grandma and know this is her first day of school and shes nervous about going to her new school she went to school the day of valentines day and she made little notes to every classmate she had in her class and she sat down with a group of girls and there was one girl named Jade another named Chloe and the last one was named Terra and Terra was the one who bullied everyone and she bullied Chrissa too chrissa felt sad but she didn't care than jade wanted to be Friends with her and then another girl came to be friends with her and they made there own group and one day Chrissa didn't want to go to school because she didn't want to be bullied anymore but her too friends came and they cheered her up they said if you go home school then that's means your making them win and one of her friends wanted bangs really bad and Terra came and cut her bangs with scissors and she told the principal it was an accident and Terra was suspended 3 days and know in was the final team win competition and chriissa told Terra that if we could win she said we might never be friends but we wan't to win this swim and since them they became friends and no one was bullied agian and i have been watching this movie since then and i really looked it and i hope you guys too