This weekend Casting Gym class info

Here is your info email to be READY for class - please reply

Saturday February 6 class is 11:00AM-12:00PM w Marlene Marcos

This class is an hour so please have a snack prior to class as we plan to not take a break

We will have a short break before the VO CLASS with Miss Tess!

@ 12:15PM-1:00PM

Please consider joining in if you have not yet done so! An important class on making the MOST out of an audition that requires becoming a character! ESPECIALLY at their age!!

Class goals:

We are working this month on IMPROV skills so kids don't come off SO rehearsed.

We want them to be kids but have the casting structure down.

Kids will be in chairs (2 @ a time) and face the camera but speak to each other as if they were in a scene. We are listening for VOICE SKILLS on camera & FACIAL REACTIONS to what is happening in the scene.

Random scenarios such as...being asked to a Valentines Day dance or a crime scene investigation or shopping for fruit.

These are some scenes that may come up & we want to make sure that in a TWO PERSON scene that your child is either asking or answering questions with their scene partner.

We will have some fun warm up exercises first with Ms. Marlene to warm up our creative juices!

Videos for this class may not be sent until Sunday - stay tuned for them with feedback.

Please email me a quick reply that this information was received & your child will be attending class on time on the specified date.

Always have my cell for emergencies or delays so I can alert my team

Kim Houston 305.491.7604

You can sign up for classes in FEBRUARY now with pricing packages and pick & choose the classes you can attend over a 3 month period.

These packages make the classes really affordable & flexible.

Ask for details. Classes have a MAX of 6 so they will go quickly.