Cluster Teacher Training

Welcome 5th and 6th Grade Teachers!

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Differentiating in Math- December 14, 2012

8:30 Introductions: Share a Success

West Wing's Flexible Grouping Model- Shelly Schubert

Norterra Canyon's Schoolwide Cluster Grouping Model- Kim Piranio, Robbie Rose, Michelle Walsh

9:00 Revisit our "Golden Circle"

Consensogram Update: What percentage of the time are your gifted students engaged?

9:15 Reflections from NAGC: What do the CCSS mean for gifted students?

  1. Read and discuss
  2. At the bottom of the page, link to FAQs then click on "What are the approaches to use in differentiating the mathematics standards?"
  3. Consensus map: In your table groups, draw a map and answer the question in your section. Discuss individual answers and use to create a consensus answer in the center. Share out

Number Talks- Let's Solve a Problem

Corn-Based Ethanol is the Answer to our Dependence on Foreign Oil! --Or Is It?

(From 25 Real Life Math Investigations that will Astound Teachers and Students by Ed Zaccaro)

POM- Let's Solve another Problem

POM Video

Digging Dinosaurs (Click on "Classroom Video Visits" on the top, then "Problem of the Month" on the left, then choose topic from the "Problem of the Month" box at left)

  • Start with Level A
  • After each level, discuss your strategies at your table
  • How can you use this activity with your class? Your grade level? Your school?

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30 Collaborative Planning

Plan how you will bring these resources back to your students.

  • Management tools
  • Scheduling it in

2:30 Share and Post

Gifted Services Ning

Join the 5th/6th Grade Cluster Group if you have not yet done so. Borrow and Reciprocate!

3:00 Feedback- Ticket out the Door

What would you like to focus on in our next session?

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