GMS Media News

November 2015

School Wide Novel!

You may have noticed that last month, our number one book checked out in both our physical library and our digital library was The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. We are encouraging all of our students to participate in our school wide novel program! We have several fun activities centered around the book for those who choose to participate! Students who have finished reading the book are encouraged to participate in our own mini version of the testing! In round one, students take a written quiz over the book. If they pass round one with an 80% or higher they can participate in Round two, where they come in and take our mental game challenge! We have a lot of fun games for the kids to experiment with like Logic Dots, the A Maze, the Gordian Knot, the Paradox Box, and the Logic Tower! Every time a student comes in and takes one of these challenges, they are entered in a drawing to participate in Round 3, which will be an obstacle course at the end of the year!

Top Overdrive Check Outs!

Top GMS Library Check Outs!

Heather Scribner, Media Specialist