King Midas

Justin Richter & Trey McConnell

Plot Summary

King Midas had just spared a satyr when the god Dionysus came down and told the king "you may make one wish for it to come true". He wished that everything he touched turned to gold. He almost starved to death because he could not eat and he turned his daughter to gold. He begged for Dionysus for it to all be undone. Again Midas made a poor decision to say that a satyr is better musician then the god Apollo then Midas got donkey ears and Midas ran into the woods to hide.

What type of myth is this?

This is a warning myth telling you to be careful for what you wish for.
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How did the gods behave in this myth?

The gods behaved pretty poorly in this myth because of the fact that even though Dionysus knew that that wish was a bad wish he granted it anyway. Apollo gives Midas donkey ears because he said that a satyr was a better musician than Apollo.