How to do a back handspring

Before learning a back handspring you need...

Before learning how to do a back handspring there are a few things you have to do before trying one. One thing you need to do before learning a back handspring are drills. Drills will help you learn the correct form.

Back Handspring drills:

  • Hand stand snap downs
  • Wall sits

When attempting a skill in cheer, it is possible to get injured in you don’t fully commit to that skill, such as stopping in the middle of a back handspring due to fear. This will typically happen if you are not confident in your skill.

You could also watch a few videos of people doing standing back handsprings so you have an idea of what you are doing. By doing these few preparations it will make getting your back handspring a lot easier.

How to do a back handspring...

The first step is to start standing with your hands raised in the air. You will start to fall backward until you feel like you actually will fall.

After you quickly sit (as if you were sitting down into a chair) then, jump backward and up at the same time. When you jump make sure not to jump back to far or high, but in the middle.

As you are falling swing your arms down with you, then as you fall backward bring them back to your ears. The more powerful your arm swing is the better backward motion you will have.

While jumping back make sure to keep your arms straight to prevent from hitting your head. When getting toward the middle of your back handspring you should be in a bridge position.

Once your hands touch the ground again you should be straight up, like a handstand. After getting to the handstand position all you do is snap your legs down to the ground.

When this happens you should also block so your hands are only touching the ground for a few seconds.

As your legs go down, bring your chest up so you can land standing up and down.

How not to hurt yourself...

Before you do anything you need to stretch. Stretching will help make sure you don’t tear any muscles.

  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Ankles

Also, try not to overthink your skill. Meaning don’t get worked up that you will fall because then you probably will fall. It could also cause you to have a mental block where you have convinced yourself you can’t do the skill.

Make sure you are using the right form. You can check this by having people watch you or watching them do it.

Before attempting a skill you should also get spotted. This will mean someone will be there to guide you through the skill and tell you what you should work on. They will also be there say it’s your first time trying it to help you do it so you don’t hurt yourself