Tridigital Learning

The Progression of Education

Keep Moving Forward...

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Flash from the Past...

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What were classrooms like?

  • Teacher-centered
  • Facts are learned from textbooks
  • Students sit in rows
  • Work is written
  • Students must abide by rules set by the teacher
  • Every student is treated the same
  • Written and multiple choice testing

Here and Now.

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  • Student-centered
  • Integration of technology in classrooms
  • Cooperative learning
  • Variety of educational tools used: Powerpoint, video, graphic organizers, smart boards, computers, iPads
  • Accommodations are made for every student
  • Variety in lesson plans
  • Informal and formal assessment methods

Looking Ahead...

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

What comes next?

  • Mobile education
  • Online learning
  • Use of books is minimal
  • Submission of work and tests only electronically
  • Incorporation of advancing technology
Creativity is the Future of Education

We must balance the PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE to keep education moving forward.