Clayton's animals

Extinct, Critically Endangered and Back from the Brink

Extinct species: Tasmanian Tiger

  • Thylacinus cynocephalus

  • Hunting

  • Nocturnal, Carnivorous, eats kangaroos, wallabies, and wombats.

  • Less predation, more animals in the trophic level below the level of the Tasmanian tiger

Critically endangered: Rabbitsfoot (freshwater mussel)

  • Quadrula cylindrica

  • Habitat loss and degradation, impoundments, channelization, chemical contaminants, mining and sedimentation

  • Help keep water clean by eating plankton and algae

  • Water will get infected and damage other water animals health

Back from the brink - improved by conservation: Whooping crane

Describe the case history of a natural area of biological significance that is threatened by human activities.

  • seasonal evergreen forests of Northern Thailand

  • forests where it is warm yearround, may receive several hundreds of centimeters of rainfall a year

  • Natural threats

  • Deforestation, clearing of crops for hunting, take control of land to show ownership, consequences are air quality, extinction of large mammals because of hunting and habitat destruction

  • Make laws to limit deforestation and hunting