R10 Dyslexia Connects Newsletter

Feb 2019 – WELCOME to our First Edition!


Yes They Can!

Students with dyslexia can become independent and confident. It starts with understanding their strengths and utilizing strategies. Check out the inspiring video below. It starts off slow, but ends with a powerful message.

Meet Kennedy

Every month we'll bring you the story of a young person who has faced the challenge of dyslexia and come out on top. Be inspired by Kennedy, an empowered high school student who uses classroom strategies to be independent and confident.

Home Strategies

Every month, we'll also give you another episode from our new series – Asher & Ms. Nancy's Home Station. We'll show you how your child can benefit from highlighters and simplified instructions.

Dyslexia Parent Library

Become a stronger advocate by educating your family with these informative books that address students with dyslexia and their social / emotional needs.

Technology Support

Grow independence and confidence through technology support.


  • The Dallas Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) serves our community, particularly those with dyslexia, primarily through conferences, by providing speakers, and through a special scholarship fund. Learn more HERE.

  • The Academic Language Therapist Association (ATLA) will hold its annual conference April 26-27. It provides a forum for the presentation of topics related to the identification, remediation, and scientific basis of language-based learning differences that impact reading and writing. Find out more HERE.

Region 10 Contact

Thank you for sharing in this journey with your child. Region 10 is a resource to parents, teachers and districts. Please contact us for support or services.