by: Brendan Smith

Jackie Robinson

Jackie robinson was on the brooklyn dodgers Major league baseball in 1947 he was fighting for African American writes in that time, although he faced a lot of adversities he continued his effort to complete his goal. Jackie Robinson faced a lot of challenges like almost everyone was against him or he couldn't trust many people because he had been let down many times before.But the bad thing is, is that even though he tried his best and got rid of most of the segregation in baseball there was still some left. But he inspired other people in the future to get rid of it and with that they did.
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The Devil's Paintbox

The Devil’s Paintbox takes place on the oregon trail so what don't they have to persevere through there are wild animals, rapid rivers, mountains, indians, and a whole lot more. But the most that the main character Aiden has to deal with is all the death in his family. he lost everyone of his family members towards the middle of the book and at first he just wanted to cut him off from the rest of the world and it kind of worked for him because after the trail he got a logging job and was very good at it because all he focused on was cutting down the trees. But then he realized that he was empty inside and then he made some friends and found his old indian friend and even though he still was sad in the back of his mind he was getting better.