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Pearson ISTEP+


We have a first glance at the new Pearson ISTEP+ test that you can use with students [as many of you know, 2015 was Indiana's last year with CTB as our test provider].

The Math content scoring rubric details can be found here:

The ELA rubric for the constructed-response rubric applies to grades 3-12 and is simplistic. The big message I glean from it is- without text support, thay cannot receive full credit.

Any public information for our use is available at the IDOE ISTEP+ site at:

K-2- it's never a bad thing to see what is expected of our 3-5 students. I would encourage you to take a look at these as well when you have a minute. Knowledge is power! Like all of you, I have a lot of skepticism regarding standardized testing right now. However, the rigor of College and Career Readiness standards aren't going away. I try to look at the "glass half full" perspective that it helps use gauge whether or not (on that given day) the student can accomplish the higher order thinking required of them in these new standards. As I'm sure you already know, the new standards were developed with input from colleges and the workforce in regards to the hard and soft skill deficits they are seeing in students/workers at their level. Many of them relate to problem-solving, collaborating, and thinking outside of the box.

In The Know...

Upcoming Events:

  • 1/20 ER: Math PLCs
  • 1/26 & 27: AdvancEd Visit, welcome breakfast 8am on 1/26. Staff kids welcome in rm 26 for donuts and a cartoon.
  • 1/29: fundraiser limo rides (PTO)- schedule coming soon

Please join us in welcoming Donna Wiggin, a new .5 IA with primary special education (you will see her in kindergarten), and Kenzi Smith, a behavior coach working with us in primary as well.

Happy Birthday to:

1/18 Connie Kraemer, 1/19 Ta-Lena Taylor, and 1/21 Jason Hull! Connie, go ahead and take the day off for your birthday!
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A Big Superstar goes to...

  • The Leadership Team for leading our ER stations this week!
  • Sherry for keeping our sidewalks and blacktops cleared and safe.
  • Kellie and Heather for offering a Math inservice on their own time this week.
  • Don't forget, you can nominate a colleague for Superstar recognition in the Friday Focus, or you can share good news so that we can share in your joy as well!