Summer Chess Fun: New Meets & Camps

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Chess NYC Summer Meets

Tournament participation is an important part of a chess player's advancement and enjoyment of the game. An opportunity to play with "like skilled" opponents in a structured Tournament, is an experience that motivates pursuit of improvement and creates even more cooperative students.

Beginners enjoy a less competitive Tournament environment but must adhere to rules and play several different opponents. More advanced players move along right into Nationally Rated sections...and as far as they can go.

Through the entire Tournament there is also a thread of Chess NYC Style ENTERTAINMENT, from Lunch, Raffles, Prizes, Awards and Recognition, these Events always leave them wanting more.

PS 183 | 12 Noon| 4 Rounds | G30, D0

Summer Dates:

July 27th | July Summer Meet

August 24th | August Summer Meet

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Chess Camp Week # 5 Starts Monday!

From Chess Leaders to Grand Masters, these Camps are sure to captivate, motivate and generate SOCIAL , well adjusted Chess players. Each child will receive as much chess time as they like while enjoying mind clearing,
fun and cooling (sometimes wet) break opportunities.

Overflowing with supervision, special attention to those with greater commitment levels to Chess, as well as those who need an extra boost are a few of the advantages of this...Great Summer (Chess) Fun!

Camp w/ Chess NYC

What Happens @ Chess NYC Camps

Now that Summer 2014 has begun and Camps are in place, we thought we'd take a moment and explain a day of Chess NYC Fun & Training Camp for you. While 3 hours of Chess activities are threaded through each full 8 hour day for every Camper, that's just the beginning of these great Fun & Training Camps! Outdoor fun, water play and other activities thrill and prepare the kids for the next upcoming Chess activities.

The Uptown Camp boasts a dunk tank! Village Chess @ Zinc Camp a live, treated, Washington Square Park fountain! PS 3, our newest site, has an incredible enclosed playground and water splashing to spare!! The Hampton's? Well, they're the Hampton's! While Chess is always available (and, of course, encouraged) and our extreme Chess enthusiasts play and learn even more(some of our kids are very, very advanced), the alternative, FUN activities, Pizza and Ice Cream etc. ensures they'll ALL keep coming back! From absolute beginners to advanced players, Chess NYC's philosophy is to engage each child on their individual level and appetite to play.

This approach successfully minimizes resistance and maximizes progress and everyone associates Chess with Fun! @ the end of a great day they've had @ least 3 hours of Chess...A week? 15 hours...A month? 60 hours!

Our talented, excited and eager team is ready to share the love of the game every moment possible and they love doing so!

We'll say it again, for us, it's more than a game, it's out culture!

Thanks for loaning us the kids!

Camp w/ Chess NYC