Ms. Rivera's Bulldog Times

December 7th - December 11th

Skills at a glance

This week's sight words: she, said

Please continue to review the following words at home: am, little, I, the, is, see, a, to, me, from, on, can, my, like, we, be, here, and, have, it in, get, for, by, he, look, and

Reading: We are continuing our Gingerbread Man Unit. Students have been comparing/contrasting gingerbread stories. They have also been identifying the characters, setting, and plot. Ask your child which story is their favorite!

Math: Identifying and describing shapes. We are focusing on the specific attributes of 2D and 3D shapes.

Writing: Narrative Writing- Kindergarten Journals

Social Studies: Holiday Customs, Time for Kids

Science: My 5 Senses


-Every Wednesday is LMC book check-out. Please continue to return books on or before Wednesday.

- If you have not yet returned the white report card envelope, please do so this week. Thank you!