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Simranjit kaur


S (Specific)

My goal til the end of grade 12 is to be in the mid 80 for all my subjects in both semesters, so that I can get into a good college or university.

M ( Measurable)

To keep track of the progress or work that I'm putting in to my work, I will be working to the best of my abilities and asking questions if I do not understand what I am doing. I will seek for more help and extra work if it helps me get to my goal of getting more marks and doing the work that is given to me. I will be recording each and every mark that I get back so that i have an idea of where I am at or I'm going to ask my teacher for my average. If i don't reach to where I want to be I will ask my teacher what i can do that can help me to get in the mid 80's range. I will study for all my quizzes and tests instead of fooling around and not caring about doing my work because that is not going to help me boost my average.

A (Attainable)

I am sure that this goal is attainable if I try my hardest and put my heart out and work to where I want to get too. Trying my best not to keep things for last minute won't be a problem because if I know that I want my average to be in the mid 80's I can't let my laziness stop me from achieving my goals. and I'm also challenging myself so that I can keep moving forward and not do the wrong thing. By studying for all my quizzes and test I should be passing all of these given tests and putting my mark up more and more. I will be doing all my homework that is given by the teacher. This goal is attainable if I pay attention, ask questions, and do the work and these will be my main priorities to lead my to be successful in my goal to get mid 80's in all my subjects in grade 12.

R (Relevant/ Realistic)

This goal is relevant to me because Grade 12 is where I have to move on and graduate and go further more into my education and to do that I have to get good grades to get into a good college or university because universities want to accept students that have good grades and think they are good enough to be accepted into the program, etc. This is also realistic to me because you have to put your mind and hard work into this to achieve such a goal but this goal isn't the impossible, it's achievable if you are determined to get to where your going.

T (Timely)

I plan to achieve/ accomplish this goal by the end of both semesters in grade twelve. Two smaller goals I would make to get to this goal of getting mid 80's in all of my subjects in grade twelve. Firstly, to concentrate in class so that I don't miss out and not hear anything important that the teacher was saying because what ever happens in class is not going to be repeated again and again to someone who wasn't paying attention. Another small goal is to get all my work done and to study. By getting all my work done it will show the teacher that I understand what he/she is teaching me, and also by studying I will know what the test is going to be on and to ace the test you have to know what the test is about and what you've learned so far.


S (Specific)

My goal is to get about 200 hours or more community service done by the end of grade 12.

M (Measurable)

I will keep track of how many hours of community service I have done by writing down what time I have went and what time I came back so that i know how much I have been doing and will keep adding up all my hours. I will get a tracking sheet and mark down how many hours I have done in a day, etc.

A (Attainable)

To achieve this goal I will be spending my time in different areas like my temple or a school to earn my community hours. I will research places that I can go to volunteer and/or ask a teacher about what places I can go to, to earn my hours, or something that I can help with like a teacher in school preparing for something and I may receive some hours. I will stay as long as I possibly can to earn as many hours to reach my goal of 200 or more community service hours.

R (Relevant/ Realistic)

This is a specific goal for me that is important because it a better way of interacting with people and and getting to learn some skills along the way of doing some community services. While doing these community services I may learn things that may help me in the future like getting me good job, showing people that I am worth giving a job too, and that I have some skills that can be useful when trying to look for a job.

T (Timely)

To achieve the goal of getting 200 or more community service hours two smaller goal that would lead up to this would be to go and ask people where I can earn enough hours. Another goal is to actually do something when doing community service then just standing there and doing nothing.

Part Two

Transitions And Changes

Part Three



My hobbies/interests are helping people and listening to their problems to help them cope with their problems


Louise Arbour Secondary School

Bachelor of social degree/ undergraduate degree

Brampton , Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Work Experience


  • Helped assist co-workers

Brampton, Ontario

February 2017 - June 2017


Van Virk Gurudwara

  • Helped serve food to People

April 2014 - June 2016

Volunteer Experience


Brampton, Ontario

June 2014 - August 2019

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Leadership and management

  • Positive attitude and behavior

  • Language skills (mention if you can speak different languages)

  • Listening skills

  • Teamwork


Bachelor's of social work(BSW)

September 2012


Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

June 2018

Hobbies and Interests

  • Helping people with their problems and being there for them

  • Including Everyone in activities


Family councelling, C.S. Counselling Services Social Work, (416) 409-8045

Ms. Dhaliwal,Teacher, Louise Arbour Secondary School, Contact Information:

Address: 365 Father Tobin Rd, Brampton, ON L6R 0R4

Part four

Challenges and solutions


One problem about being a social worker is that you are under pressure and stressing out because you have to find new ways to help your client and work with new changes that arise. For example, when more than one client comes to you and they tell you their problem/situation. You end you taking your whole day thinking and talking to other people for some ways to help your client. Some actions you can take when over coming this obstacle is to take a break from work once and a while. Secondly, talk to someone to get your mind away from all the work that puts you under pressure and talk about something other than your work.


Another problem about working as a social worker is that bullying can be hard to help your client. If your client is being bullied its hard to communicate and really express what they want to say. For example, if your client is a young child and they are being bullied they feel captivate and they don't really express how there feeling which makes it difficult for the social worker to communicate. To avoid this from happening you have to become close with your client and be open and tell them that they are always free to come by and tell them how they are and that they can tell them anything instead of keeping things in. Tell your client that you be there for them when they are feeling down.