Have you seen the beast?

Missing Poster Bigfoot


  • Mammal- Bi-pedal

  • Height- Adult 6-8’

  • Weight- 600-800 Lbs

  • Speed- 30-35 Mbh

  • Strength- 10-15x Humans

  • Teeth- similar to human

  • Hair color- Black, Brown, Grey, Reddish and more length 6-8’

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Well Bigfoot has a lot of names like Sasquatch, the big man, oh-mah, oeh, and the wild man. He has more and also he can be found in Canada, Mostly in the untied States, and North America. When people are looking for him they also find for his DNA, Foot prints, Poop, and hair but that is also his DNA. Thank you for reading!!!

By: Paris Arenz