Evolution of the American Woman

By: Maddie Beeman

"Victorian" Woman


A Victorian Women didnt marry young the youngest they were when they would get married was 22,the adverage age was 26 of whe a Victorian women would get married. A victorian women didn't wear tight corsets, they wore dresses that would make them appear that they have tiny waist.

"1920s" Woman


A 1920s women was known as a "flapper" they wore short dresses drank and smoked. most women and some men thought it was unladylike to do but some of the women took after the way they dressed not the way they drank or smoked.

"Post WWII" Woman


After the war the women campaigned for equal pay as men. Teachers were the first ones to get equal pay. However this only applied to the men and women who have the same jobs. Most of the jobs back then were gender segregated, so most women didnt get the same amout of pay as men.

"Modern Day" Woman


The amount of women house hold earners were 11% now there at 40% , Womens employyment has gone up over the years cause they have found that women and men can do the same exact things. in the 1920 and up people looked at women as they didnt have any other capability than the stuff around the house like sewing and cleaning and cooking. but now people see women as a lot more, they have given us equal rights.

Pictures of change over time

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"Victorian" Woman