Cruising with the Tiger

By Advay Vyas

Ecosystem, Abiotic and Biotic factors of the Tiger

Tigers live in rainforests, forests with thick, sticky, humid air and mossy plant-covered ground. Tigers also sometimes live in grasslands. Some biotic factors are water buffalo, deer and antelope in grasslands. Other tigers can also attack tigers. Abiotic factors are water, air, rocks, soil, and the Sun. Abiotic factors matter as much as biotic factors.

Food Web And Chain of the Tiger

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Food Chain

Energy starts off at the Sun, then Grass, the producer. The grass uses photosynthesis to gather the energy from the Sun and the gives it to the herbivore level 1, the deer. The deer gnaws on a stalk, transferring energy from grass to deer, which gives away energy to a mountain lion which gives the food, not energy to a mountain lion cub. The mountain lion, which is a carnivore level 2 is stolen and eaten by a mountain-dwelling Siberian Tiger, which is a carnivore level 3. The Siberian Tiger in turn gives energy to a decomposer, the mushroom. That describes the food chain above.
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Food Web

Sun always starts by giving to the producer, which is in this case grass and trees, since it is a food web, not a food chain. Let's go to the top part of the food web first. Grass is eaten by the deer, the omnivore level 1. The deer in turn is eaten by the tiger, 3rd level carnivore. The tiger will die eventually, leaving food for some mushrooms, the decomposer in this food web. The bottom part of the food chain starts with the sun, then the tree uses photosynthesis to absorb the energy from the light. The tree is worn down and used as food for wood ants, a level 1 carnivore which is, in turn eaten by spiders and deer. The spider is a level 2 carnivore and eventually will die and be eaten by a mushroom, the decomposer as I stated above. This concludes the food web above.

What does hunting and not hunting the tiger do the ecosystem of the tiger?

Hunting the tiger for only 5 more years would probably make the entire tiger population extinct. 3 of 8 sub-species are already extinct with only 5 left of the others sub-species. There're only 3,500 tigers in all the sub-species of tigers. Not hunting the tiger would let the tiger species regrow it's population and be forever substantial. Then, in about 2025 the tiger would be off the endangered list. I would prefer not hunting the tiger because then it's population could regrow.