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October 11, 2021

Parent/Teacher Conferences On Wednesday

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Washington, D.C. Trip

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Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

This past Tuesday, Varsity Volleyball won their home game against Peck. Lola Abromaitis got a total of 6 digs. Addie Tresnak got a total of 5 digs as well as 13 kills. Avery Grondin and Lola Abromaitis had 4 aces each. Becca Weiss finished with 7 kills along with 26 assists.

On Thursday, Varsity Volleyball won their game at Akron-Fairgrove. Jenna Peters got a total of 11 digs and 4 assists. Both Skylar Graham and Avery Grondin served 4 aces each. Avery Grondin also got 8 digs and Skylar Graham got 10 digs as well. Addie Tresnak also got a total of 9 kills. Becca Weiss had 6 kills along with 21 assists. Lola Abromaitis had a total of 4 kills.

Varsity Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

Last Tuesday, the Varsity Cross Country team ran the Birch Run Invite at Birch Run. For our girls team, Audrey Napolitano ran an amazing time of 23:52, Ava DeVlaminck ran 26:46, and Lily Finnigan ran 27:00. Congrats to all of our girls!

For the boys team, Aiden Fitchett ran 18:14, Jackson Spencer ran 21:44, Noah Hall ran 22:02, Connor Wolff ran 24:15, Matthew Hickmott ran a 2 minute PR of 24:21, and Matthew Livingston ran 31:47.

All of the team members raced well and get to prove themselves again in this week's Oxford Invitational!

Varsity Football

by Nick Abromaitis

Dryden/Imlay City lost to the Yale Bulldogs 31-6 at Yale's Homecoming. We didn't play the best, but we tried and that's all that matters. Let's look at the stats for the game.

Julian Rojas had a touchdown with 2 receptions and 24 yards.

Travis Dopunt had 1 carry for 21 yards.

Good try, boys! Let's get them next week and let's play strong.

Junior Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

Last Tuesday, JV Volleyball won their home game against Peck. Olivia Stickler helped the team with 4 aces and 3 assists. Sophia Peter got a total of 3 digs. Lily Finnigan also helped her team win with 3 kills. Isabella Weier also had 7 assists.

On Thursday, the Dryden JV Volleyball team won all three sets in their away game at Akron-Fairgrove. Sophia Peter served a total of 6 aces. Lily Finnigan got 7 kills. Both Isabella Weier and Olivia Stickler got 6 assists each. Ava DeVlaminck had a total of 5 kills. Keira Miller also served 5 aces. Mikayla Fleming ended the game with 4 kills.

Junior High Cross Country

by Audrey Napolitano

Last Tuesday, Dryden’s Junior High Cross Country team raced in the Birch Run Invite in Birch Run. The two Dryden runners did an amazing job in their races. Levi Fitchett earned a magnificent time of 14:06 minutes for two miles and placed 22nd in the Middle School boys race. Nick Abromaitis ran a new PR, earning the time 15:03 minutes for two miles, and also placed 41st place in the Middle School boys race. Great job on the amazing race this week, boys!

Who's Hungry?

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Senior Seminar Speaker

Mr. David Clayton, Families Against Narcotics

by Ashley Hickmott

Four years ago as we were tiny little baby freshmen, David Clayton came in and shared his story in Freshman Seminar. Flash forward to now, he's talking to us in Senior Seminar. From the first time he spoke to us, I never forgot his story, it was always little details that just stuck around in my mind. When I heard he was coming back to talk to us, I was unbelievably excited, and I was equally excited when he remembered us too. I already knew it was gonna be a good class.

David gave his story of being an ex-drug abuser twice now but I feel as he switched the way he told it. I remember him going into a lot of detail of his story freshman year, but this year he gave a more light-hearted version. Maybe it was because most of us already knew the story, or he didn’t want to bring it up again, but I enjoyed hearing the story the second time just as much as the first. I was quite surprised when he dropped a couple of f-bombs just because it's not something that usually happens, yet it made it more real like he was talking to us eye to eye on how serious he is about all of this.

David's story is one that has really left an impact on me. Just like him, I will say full-heartedly and confidently that I will never do heroin, yet that's what David said. “Drugs are fun, until they aren't.” Even without addiction genes running through your family, doesn’t mean you won’t go down that slippery slope doing “fun” drugs. Because they aren’t fun and most people who do drugs don’t even realize how addicted they are until they stop and their body gets physically sick from not having it.

David probably doesn’t even realize the impact he makes on some of the kids he talks to. He definitely has impacted me in a way where I don’t want to be this fun, crazy, person that everyone loves in college because I’m addicted to pills. I’d rather be on the high of life. Too many families and friends lose their loved ones to addiction, and I don’t think I could handle that feeling of seeing anyone I love go through that, much less making my family go through it because of me.

Ms. Allyson Konen, Northwood University

by Hilary Young

I was excited about this presentation because I had considered applying to Northwood. The only thing holding me back was the fact that it’s a business school and I’m not so sure I’ll want to stick with business. If I change my major I’d probably have to transfer schools. I’m leaning towards business, but my mind could change in a year or two.

I really liked Allyson's approach to telling us about Northwood. She gave us information about the school, but also told us what we’ll need in the real world. She showed us how to make an elevator pitch that we can use in getting a job. I really liked that she didn’t just talk about why we should go to Northwood. She talked about finding a job and related it back to how going to Northwood would be beneficial.

After the presentation, I walked her to the office and had a conversation with her about the university, and explained to her how I wanted to apply, but wasn’t sure I would want to stick with business. She explained that I should apply anyway so I have it as an option. Later that day she sent me an email telling me how great it was to chat, and if I have any questions feel free to message her. I thought that was super sweet and made me want to apply more. Then three days later I received a text from her, saying how excited she is that I started an application and that she would love to sit down and talk again. To me, that was very persuading and made me really want to apply to Northwood.

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 11

JH Girls Volleyball @ Mayville - Bus departs @ 4:45 pm

Monthly School Board Meeting - 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM - High School Library

Tuesday, October 12

Boys Basketball Open Gym - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - High School Gym

Wednesday, October 13


PSAT-NMSQT Testing - MPR, Room 331, Room 332

High School Parent-Teacher Conferences - 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

7/8 Grade Football @ North Branch - Bus departs @ 3:15 pm, game @ 4:30 pm

JH Girls Volleyball vs North Huron - game @ 6:00 pm

Thursday, October 14

NJHS Meeting @ 7:00 am

JV Football vs North Branch @ 6:00 pm

JV/Varsity Girls Volleyball @ Mayville - Bus departs @ 4:45 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Boys Basketball Open Gym - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM - High School Gym

Friday, October 15

Varsity Cross Country @ Oxford Invite

Speaker Senior Seminar Macomb Community College - 7:25 AM to 8:30 AM

Girls Basketball Open Gym - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - HS Gym

Varsity Football @ North Branch - Bus departs @ 5:00 pm, varsity @ 7:00 pm

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Random Student Spotlight

Vanessa Richardson

by Raghan DeLong

Vannessa is in 7th grade. She has been in Dryden Community Schools since Kindergarten. She enjoys climbing trees, tossing footballs, and playing soccer. Her most favorite thing about Dryden is Art class. Vanessa also likes to read, draw, and play with her pets. Her dream career is being an artist. She looks forward to high school because of the different history classes, especially since she enjoys books about mythology and fantasy.

Raeshell Richardson

by Ariela Perales

Raeshell is a sophomore who has been in Dryden community schools for 8 years. Raeshell’s favorite hobby is cheerleading for Dryden and Imlay City, In her free time, Raeshell likes to paint and read. Things Raeshell likes about Dryden is it's a small town and it's easy to spend time with close friends that live close by. Raeshell likes to hang out with friends and family outside of school. She doesn't really know what she wants to do for a career when she grows up, but she has been thinking about being a biologist or zoologist. After high school, Raeshell wants to get a job to afford an RV so she can travel around the U.S. and explore. She also wants to do online classes for college so she can spend more time with friends and family.

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