Maria Mitchell

A Biography

Early Life

She was born on august 1st 1818 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. She had 9 brothers and sisters. Her father showed her how to use a telescope because he saw her interest in astronomy.Her parents were William and Lydia Mitchell. They were quaker parents. she was not very rich but not very poor either. she received her education at Cyrus Peirce's School for Young Ladies.



She won a gold medal prize for her discovery which was presented to her by King Frederick VI of Denmark. her great discovery was a new comet that she found that was soon named Ms.Mitchell's comet. she also went into the womens hall of fame after she died.Maria Mitchell is best known for being the first professional female astronomer in the United States.

Family Life

After her dad taught her how to use a telescope she went to work at the library as the first librarian and still spent time looking up at the sky.