Local News Update

By: Steve Zielinski

Thunderstorms during Christmas?

On the weekend of December 26, storms struck the southwest and Midwest. These storms produced floods and deadly tornadoes which caused 13 deaths from floods and 43 deaths from tornadoes. A state of emergency was declared in Missouri and New Mexico. Many Buildings and Homes were destroyed leaving people homeless for the holidays

Why So Warm This Winter?

El Nino effects the Northern Hemisphere during the winter and ends by the following April. El Nino brings warm air in from the Pacific and changes weather dramatically. The current El Nino 2015-2016 is one of the three strongest ever recorded. The other two occured in 1982-83 and 1997-98. This year, the unusual warm weather was caused by El Ninos warm air and a big bend in the polar jet stream.
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Political News

- On January 12, President Obama spoke at his final State of the Union address. He talked about the nation after his seven years in office. How the economy was revived and has a better standing in the world despite the inequality at home and terrorism. He also talked about the political parties, making comments about Donald trump and senator Ted Cruz.

Hilary Clinton Lead Over Bernie Sanders in New Poll

According to a poll that was taken on January 12, Hilary Clinton Leads in the Democratic party. 48 percent of the democratic primary voters across the country support Hilary while 41 percent are for Bernie. Democratic voters believe that she will ultimately win the party's nomination. Voters under 45 favor Bernie Sanders by a rough 2 to 1 ratio.

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New Technology, Good or Bad?

The most hot item on the market nowadays is the hover board. Everyone wants one, so they can float around and show off in front of their friends, but recently there has been numerous reports of hover boards catching on fire out of nowhere. This is caused by a problem with the battery. Hover boards are under investigation by The Safety Commission. Also there has been a lot of injuries caused from falling off a hover board.