D121 headed to Spring Break

Wednesday, march 27,2013

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April 1-7th

In a day we are off to celebrate a well deserved break!! Your child has worked hard this year and they deserve a week to escape school and relax! We have finished all units and are ready to start fresh when we get back! The only suggestion I have is to continue to read through the break....I know I will!

Don't forget to raise $$$ for the Fun Run?

Important Dates!

3-28:Cultural Awareness Day

3-29: Teacher Workday NO SCHOOL




4-24: Late Start AND FUN RUN

5-2: Musical Presentation at Sullivan Middle School (7:00).

5-4: Minute to Win it Party


5-23: Evening of the Arts


Wednesday Folders

You will find quite a few flyers! Feel free to look through them and recycle anything you don't need! You will also find a math test to be reviewed and signed! Some of the math scores were disappointing to me, I am hoping that the RETEST on Thursday will produce better results. PLEASE STUDY!!

The Fun Run party is Minute to Win it this year, the organizers are in need of several donations. In the folder you will find a list of needed items. If there is something on that list you would like to donate, circle it and return the form. Send in the donation by May 4th!

Please contact me with any questions, comments or concerns!