Space Clouds

Can a cloud kill us all?

What harm can something like a cloud really do?

  • They say the Doomsday cloud is not finished yet, some will explode and block the sun even more, then the others will hang around and impact on Earth.
  • Doomsday cloud could bring about the end of the world.
What is a Nebula?
Journey through the Cosmos - Space Clouds
  • Space clouds are a slang name for Noctilucent Clouds.
  • The term "Noctilucent" is used because they shine bluish-white when the sky is dark.
  • These are extremely thin and high altitude clouds that are difficult to see unless it is practically night and the sun is shining behind them.
  • When the sun being about 11 degrees below the horizon, space clouds can appear very bright, but they are not always present.
Noctilucent Clouds 17/18th June 2009
ScienceCasts: Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Clouds

Nebula Space Cloud

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