Adventures in Teaching

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Quick Announcement from THE ONE & ONLY Mrs. Crooks!

Housekeeping Items

  • ISS Room
  • Gifted Program September 16th
  • Temporary ISS Desk
  • Keep Sending Me Pictures
  • School Facebook Page
  • Hallway Cleanliness
  • Classrooms
  • Curriculum Maps Due at Midterm
  • Pre/Post Tests
  • Movies in Class
  • Take Down Scentsy
  • 17th EOC/Map Recognition @ 7
  • Sunday September 20th Staff Get-2-Gether
  • Fall Homecoming
  • Teacher Conferences

Engaging Students

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Club Time/Google Time/20% Time/Genius Hour

  • I wonder what would happen if....
  • I wonder how we could make...
  • I wonder who could....
Use this time to experiment and get creative if you are still unsure.


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Contacting Parents is another form of feedback and meets our districts new goal of positive relationships with the community. Let parents know when their student is doing something positive!